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TrueRev is the ideal financial operations platform for small and medium sized businesses, especially B2B SaaS companies between $1M-$25M in revenue. Contract bookings, revenue recognition, automated invoicing and SaaS Metrics: all in one easy platform.

When you refer clients to us, you can receive great benefits, create a revenue stream for your business and provide valuable rebates for clients.

*Available with Annual Plans only.

A comprehensive SOURCE of truth WHEN IT COUNTS
“I received an urgent, last-minute request from our client's board chair saying he urgently needed ARR/GAAP revenue numbers by 1 pm today! Such a request would normally blow up my entire day, but, thanks to your platform, it was a 5-minute task. You’ve made us look remarkably good in front of our clients."
-- Sal Abdulla, CFO, ZenFinancials

If you have clients and colleagues who rely on you for next-level revenue insight, you are an ideal partner for TrueRev. You will:

  • Provide Profitable Insights: Give clients the most complete, real-time view of their most critical metric: revenue.
  • Save Time:  Streamline client invoicing, revenue recognition and financial health metric generation.
  • Increase Profitability per Client: Spend far less time on repetitive tasks and more on thoughtful analysis.
  • Increase Client Loyalty: Extend the life of your relationships with more impactful work.
“It just so happens that I am also currently implementing SaaS Optics for another client. It's been sobering to contrast the ease of use of your platform vs. theirs.”
– B2B SaaS CFO
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